Featured Theme for Gengo Kenkyu No. 154

Gengo Kenkyu invites the submission of manuscripts for a special issue (Number 154, expected publication date: September 2018) on the theme “Focus and Focus-related Phenomena”. The deadline for submission of manuscripts is 31 December 2017. Please follow the normal manuscript submission procedure described on the LSJ home page, selecting “特集 special feature article” for the item “セクション/カテゴリー Section/Category” in the Editorial Manager on-line submission and reviewing system.

 For many years research on information structure in Japan concentrated on topics (themes), but research on focus has also become more abundant in recent years. The interaction between case marking and focus marking in Japanese and Okinawan has drawn attention and comparative research on focusing and topicalization from the viewpoint of cartography has progressed within the framework of generative grammar. In historical linguistics as well, new light is being cast on the mechanisms underlying the appearance and disappearance of Japanese kakari-musubi and related constructions. Furthermore, in descriptive linguistics a variety of strategies for focus marking have been reported in diverse languages. The editors look forward to receiving for inclusion in this special issue outstanding manuscripts, both theoretical and descriptive, concerning focus and phenomena closely related to focus using a variety of approaches from assorted different areas and disciplines.

Editorial Board