Policy on treatment of personal information

The Personal Information Protection Law went into effect in April 2005. Below, the Linguistic Society of Japan states how the Society considers the implementation of this Law.

  1. The Linguistic Society of Japan generally considers the protection of personal information as of the utmost importance. Although the Society is not a privacy contractor defined by the cabinet order concerning the Personal Information Protection Law, it treats the personal information of its members following the spirit of the Law.
  2. The Society manages responsibly the personal information submitted by its members to the Society. The Society uses the information only if it is needed (a) for the operation of the Society and (b) for communication among its members, including academic discussions.
  3. The names, research interests and affiliations of new members of the Society are announced in the journal of the Society, which is distributed in places including bookstores. Any changes made in these items are also announced in the journal. The list of members of the Society, which is distributed to its members, contains the names, research interests and affiliations of members. This list may also contain information including work addresses, work phone numbers, home addresses and home phone numbers upon consent. Personal information of the members may be disclosed to the President of the Society, other officers and/or committee members if the information is necessary for administration reasons.
  4. In cases where administrative tasks of the Society are conducted by a contracted company, personal information of members of the Society may be given to said company if it is necessary in completing their work for the Society.
  5. If members of the Society wish to confirm and/or change any information held by the Society, they should address inquires to the Society at the following contact.


The Linguistic Society of Japan, Shimodachiuri Ogawa-Higashi, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, 602-8048 JAPAN
Tel. : +81-75-415-3661
Fax. : +81-75-415-3662
E-mail : lsj@nacos.com
URL : https://ls-japan.org/en/

For the official statement of the Linguistic Society of Japan concerning the treatment of personal information of its members, please see the Privacy Policy.