Featured Theme for Gengo Kenkyu No. 152

Paper on the topic “Generative Grammar: Issues on Movement” are invited for the 152nd issue of Gengo-Kenkyu (Journal of the Linguistic Society of Japan). The deadline for the submission of the papers is December 31st, 2016. Papers may be submitted in the usual way with the category name of the manuscript “feature article” on the cover page (See “Rules for Manuscript Submission”) .

Since Noam Chomsky published Aspects of the Theory of Syntax fifty years ago, the research field of generative grammar has been developed and expanded productively. Therefore, it would be beneficial for linguistic researchers to know the current state of the field. This special issue is intended to achieve this aim, by focusing on research on movement, one of the main properties of human language. We invite papers dealing with movement from a variety of perspectives such as theoretical linguistics, experimental linguistics, and psycholinguistics, addressing a wide range of topics concerning movement, including not only well-known phenomena such as wh-movement and scrambling, but also other phenomena that show the properties of movement. The authors are encouraged to discuss the nature of movement, constraints imposed on movement, acquisition and development of movement, or time course and/or neural basis for the processing of structures involving movement.

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