Rules for Manuscript Submission


Gengo Kenkyu in a new reader-friendly format

Gengo Kenkyu is published with a view to disseminating LSJ members’ research output to the world and thereby contributing to the development of world-wide scientific research on language. It will consider any submissions meeting this goal, regardless of the theories and methodologies adopted and the languages analyzed.

  1. Only members of the Society may contribute. In the case of a co-authored paper, at least the first author should be a member. Contribution from non-members of invited papers for topic-focused special issues may also be exceptionally permitted.
  2. Manuscripts may be submitted at any time.
  3. Only unpublished and complete manuscripts may be submitted. However, if the paper is available on the Web through an institutional repository or preprint server, it can be submitted as long as the author informs the journal of this fact when submitting the paper, and makes appropriate additions and revisions. If the paper is on the same topic as a paper submitted to Gengo Kenkyu and rejected by the journal in the past, it cannot be submitted.
  4. Authors should not send in manuscripts that are simultaneously submitted to other journals.
  5. Manuscripts should in principle follow the latest version of the Gengo Kenkyu Style Sheet.
  6. Acceptance or rejection is decided by the Editorial Board.
  7. Authors whose manuscripts have been accepted for publication must agree to comply with “The Linguistic Society of Japan Regulations on the Treatment of Copyrighted Materials.”
  8. The choice of fonts used in printing the paper is decided by the Editorial Board.
  9. Excessive costs due to preparation of special print fonts, reproduction of special figures or illustrations, etc. are charged to the author.
  10. Authors may in principle read only the first galley proofs. Corrections should be limited to typographical errors; alteration of contents is not allowed.
  11. Submitted manuscripts will in principle not be returned irrespective of the results of the review.
  12. Authors will receive no payment for accepted manuscripts.
  13. Authors of accepted manuscripts will receive free of charge one copy of the journal and twenty offprints of their papers. A fee will be charged for additional offprints.

    * At the time of submission, we ask for your response regarding whether or not the following three items apply to your manuscript:
    (1) The submitted paper is a complete, unpublished manuscript. However, in cases where the paper is available on the Web through an institutional repository or preprint server, this information will be noted and the appropriate additions and corrections will be made.
    (2) You are not currently submitting a similar paper to another journal, nor are you submitting this paper to any other journal until the results of the review of the submission are finalized.
    (3) I have read and agree to the “Code of Ethics”* of the Society.
       * Linguistic Society of Japan Ethics Statement

    Flowchart of post-editing process

(Revised August 2023)