Becoming a Member


Anyone who has completed the prescribed procedure can become a member of the LSJ.

Member benefits

Copies of the journal Gengo Kenkyu

Members of the LSJ will receive a copy of Gengo Kenkyu, the journal of the Society, published twice a year, usually at the end of July and January. No extra charge is required for overseas shipment.

Submission of articles to Gengo Kenkyu

Members are eligible to submit their papers to Gengo Kenkyu.

Paper presentations at conferences

Members are eligible to present their papers in meetings.

Note: Restriction on regular and student members living outside Japan
Members located outside Japan are not eligible to vote to elect or to be elected to administrative positions in general membership elections which are held every three years. Please see the relevant parts of the LSJ Constitution.

Procedures for joining the LSJ

1. Send the form

Download and fill the form (available here) and mail the form to the LSJ Office.

2. Pay annual dues

For annual dues and payment methods, see Payment of membership dues.

Please make sure to mail the form (#1 above) to the LSJ Office. Note that even if you have paid dues, membership registration cannot be completed (thus you will not receive, for example, copies of the journal) unless the Office receives the completed form.

Notes for student members

The procedure for student members involves, in addition to the above two items, submission, by online registration system, of valid documentation of student status (e.g., a photocopy of student card, document of enrolment). Valid student documentation shall be renewed every year by April 30. See the relevant parts of the LSJ Constitution.

Payment of membership dues

Annual dues

In accordance with the Japanese academic calendar year, the annual membership dues of the LSJ will cover twelve months from the 1st of April to the 31st of March in the following year.

Annual membership dues are as follows.

  • Student members:JPY4,000
  • Regular members: JPY7,000
  • Sustaining members: JPY10,000
  • Supporting members: JPY10,000

Payment methods (From Japan)

In Japan

You can pay membership dues in either of the following two ways.

a) Bank transfer

ゆうちょ銀行 一〇九(イチゼロキユウ)店 当座 0029722 ニホンゲンゴガツカイ

b) Postal GIRO Transfer
  • Account No.: 01030-3-29722
  • Account holder:日本言語学会 (Nihon Gengo Gakkai)
Outside Japan

Members located outside Japan may use the following payment methods. They will receive an invoice from the LSJ in April, which should then be returned with payment.

a) Credit cards
b) Bank transfer: Please note that we charge JPY3,000 for processing fees.


If you need a receipt, please include a note requesting a receipt, and including your name in the payment form.