The featured theme for Gengo Kenkyu No. 142

The featured theme for Gengo Kenkyu No. 142 (September 2012) is ‘Endangered Languages and Dialects in Japan’. Endangered languages and dialects have attracted world-wide attention in linguistic research in the past decade or two. Endangered languages and dialects in and near Japan were no exceptions to this. However, there are quite a few languages/dialects in Japan that remain to be studied in more depth including, but not restricted to, Ainu and the Ryukuan dialects. This thematic issue aims to include both empirical and theoretical research on endangered languages and dialects in Japan from a wide range of disciplines and perspectives, e.g. phonetics, phonology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, language typology, etc. We invite papers that present original data and/or analyses in these fields. The deadline for submission is December 31, 2011. Please follow the Rules for Manuscript Submission and the Style Sheet of the journal when preparing/submitting a manuscript.

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