Featured Theme for Gengo Kenkyu No. 150

Papers on the topic “New Developments of the Descriptive Studies on Japanese Accentuation” are invited for the 150th issue of Gengo-Kenkyu (Journal of the Linguistic Society of Japan). The deadline for the submission of the papers is December 31st, 2015. Papers may be submitted in the usual way (See “Rules for Manuscript Submission”).
Descriptive studies on Japanese and Ryukyuan accents have a long history, through which many significant synchronic and diachronic results have been achieved. Recently, various types of accent rules or new concepts aiming to solve some unexplained or unrecognized accent systems have been found or reported. For this special issue, we invite descriptive or theoretical studies in particular regions that include new insights promoting re-analyses of the traditionally accepted synchronic and/or diachronic hypotheses. Especially welcome are papers proposing future topics of descriptive studies on accent or solving traditionally unaddressed yet significant questions regarding the Japanese and Ryukyuan accent systems.

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