Call for topic-focused papers of Gengo Kenkyu No.160

 Gengo Kenkyu invites the submission of manuscripts for a special issue (Number 160, expected publication date: September 2021) on the theme “Grammar and Information Structure”. The deadline for submission of manuscripts is 31 December 2020. Please follow the normal manuscript submission procedure described on the LSJ home page, selecting “特集 special feature article” for the item “セクション/カテゴリー Section/Category” in the Editorial Manager on-line submission and reviewing system.

It is important to consider both form and functions of language to conduct well-balanced linguistic research. These two aspects were often examined on separate planes, but the number of researches investigating them together has been increasing in recent years. Grammatical studies taking information structure into consideration can be conducted from various frameworks, on various languages, and in various fields of linguistics, and thus offer a testing ground for envisioning directions of future linguistic research. We welcome submission of original manuscripts dealing with ‘grammar and information structure’ in various approaches, and from various disciplines, both theoretical and descriptive.

Editorial Board