Social Media Moderation Policy

The Linguistic Society of Japan Social Media Moderation Policy

1. Purpose
The social media sites of the Linguistic Society of Japan are for posting information from the LSJ website as required, for allowing users/visitors to deepen their understanding and awareness of the Society, and also for providing convenient access to LSJ resources.

2. Management
The following social media sites are managed by the public relations committee of the Linguistic Society of Japan.
LSJ Twitter:
LSJ Facebook:
LSJ YouTube:

3. Operations
(1) Periodically our social media sites share news from the main LSJ website.
(2) In principle, we do not follow visitors, retweet or accept any comments.

4. Intellectual property rights
Intellectual property rights over the information posted on the LSJ’s social media sites – including photographs, illustrations, audio, video, and text, etc. are the property of the Linguistic Society of Japan or those with valid rights. Reproducing or copying all or any part of the sites’ contents is prohibited without prior permission.

5. Disclaimer
The Linguistic Society of Japan (LSJ) bears absolutely no liability in any form for any direct or indirect losses incurred as a result of using any of the information or content contained in the LSJ social media sites.

Issued by the Public Relations Committee, April 16, 2021.