Call for topic-focused papers of Gengo Kenkyu No.162

 Gengo Kenkyu invites submissions of papers for a special issue on the theme “Diversity of Classifiers” (Number 162, expected publication date: September 2022).

A classifier, widely used in the Pacific region, is known as a morpheme that helps categorize things represented by a noun. It does not form a morphological unit with the noun, but may appear outside the noun; for example, in numerals, possessives, demonstratives, locatives, and verbs. Not only independent stems but also affixes and suppletive verbs can be classifiers; furthermore, not only the shape and state of things, but also various implications such as position, movement, function, structure, and number become criteria for classification. We aim to provide readers with a bird’s-eye perspective of such morphological, semantic, and regional diversity among classifiers and produce an issue that can make typological contributions. We welcome submissions from various perspectives and approaches such as descriptive linguistics, typology, and theoretical linguistics. Please note that noun class and grammatical gender are distinguished from classifiers and are not included in this special issue.

The deadline for submission of manuscripts is 31 December 2021. All submissions will go through the usual peer-review process. When submitting a manuscript, please select “特集 special feature article” for the item “セクション/カテゴリー Section/Category” in the Editorial Manager on-line submission and reviewing system.

Editorial Board