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CIPL is the acronym of the Comité International Permanant des Linguistes/Permanent International Committee of Linguists, a global federation of linguistics societies established in 1928 with a current membership of 46 organizations representing 34 countries. The primary activities of the CIPL are sponsoring the CIL/ICL: Congress International des Linguistes/International Congress of Linguists (below, CIL) held once every five years and editing the BL/LB(Bibliographie Linguistique/Linguistic Bibliography (below, LB). In addition, in cooperation with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), the CIPL honors individuals and organizations that have contributed to research on endangered languages.

The CIPL is composed of the General Assembly (GA), with one representative from each participating organization, and the Executive Committee (EC), consisting of the President, Vice-President, Secretary-General, and five executive directors, with most major decisions being made by the EC. The EC selects a committee of experts for the CIL and considers new applications for membership. Please refer to the CIPL website ( for the activities of the CIPL, the names of member organizations and their representatives, and the names of current EC members.

It is unclear when the Linguistic Society of Japan formally became a member of the CIPL. The first record of payment of a membership contribution to the CIPL was 1970 (Gengo: Memoranda and Personalia [below, GMP] number 56), but, since there is also a record of sending Mr. Takashi Kamei, who was resident in Cambridge, England at the time, as a representative to the 7th meeting of the GA in London in 1952, LSJ membership undoubtedly dates from much earlier than 1970 (GMP numbers 22-23). Until the 14th meeting of the CIPL, the LSJ representative was elected and it appears that LSJ paid the expenses of the representative, but, as pressure on the Society’s budget increased, for the 15th meeting of the CIL, Mr. Takesi Sibata, who had the possibility of having his expenses paid by the Science Council of Japan, was selected as representative (GMP number 101). Also, the transition from Mr. Tadao Shimomiya to Mr. Yoshio Nagashima was made at the direction of the President of the Society, and elections have not been held since. For both the meeting in Prague (2003) and the following meeting in Seoul (2008), Mr. Nagashima paid his expenses from his own pocket. Subsequent representatives, Mr. Yukinori Takubo and Mr. Shigeki Kaji, have also paid their own expenses. The term of the CIPL representative, who also acts as liaison, is normally five years. As Mr. Takubo was also selected as a member of the EC, he served for ten years. Until Mr. Takubo’s first term, the liaison served both as an editor of the BL and as representative to the CIPL, but since that time, the job of editing the BL has fallen to the LSJ, and the CIPL representative performs the role of liaison with the CIPL.
A list of past representatives (and liaisons) appears below (titles omitted).

The 7th meeting: London Takashi Kamei(1952)

The 8th meeting: Oslo Hisanosuke Izui(1957)

The 9th meeting: Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A. Hideo Kobayashi(1962)

The 10th meeting: Bucarest Hisanosuke Izui(1967)

The 11th meeting: Bologna Soichi Nogami(1972) GMP Nos. 22-23 GMP No. 61

The 12th meeting: Wien Shiro Hattori(1977)

The 13th meeting: Tokyo Tetsuya Kunihiro(1982)

The 14th meeting: Berlin Katsumi Matsumoto(1987)GMP No. 91

The 15th meeting: Quebec Takesi Sibata(1992)GMP No. 101

The 16th meeting: Paris Tadao Shimomiya(1997)GMP No. 112

The 17th meeting: Yoshio Nagashima(as acting representative)(2003)GMP No. 124

The 18th meeting: Seoul Yoshio Nagashima(2008)

The 19th meeting: Geneva Yukinori Takubo(2013)

The 20th meeting: Cape Town Shigeki Kaji(as acting representative)(2018)

(Yukinori Takubo)