The 168th Meeting of the Linguistic Society of Japan

Information about the 168th Meeting of the Linguistic Society of Japan

Dates: 29th (Sat.) and 30th (Sun.) Jun. 2024

Venue: International Christian University (ICU)
The meeting will be held on site, but recordings and poster materials will be made available at a later date.

President: Toshiyuki SADANOBU
Director (LSJ): Toshio MATSUURA
Director (Local): Seunghun LEE

Program (PDF, 0.3MB, version 24/May/17)

  • Please register and pay the registration fee from Peatix in advance.
  • Guide for Specified Commercial Transactions Act (in Japanese)
  • The registration page opened. Please register as soon as possible.
  • You can participate in the conference without pre-registering, but we ask for your cooperation in registering in order to facilitate the smooth operation of the conference.
  • The registration fee is below.
    –2,000 yen for general members
    –1,000 yen for student members
    –3,000 yen for non-members
    –2,000 yen for student non-members
  • The registration fee is untaxable for members, and tax included for non-members.
  • LSJ does not have registration number for the invoice system in Japan.
  • We will prepare a webpage to share presentation materials and trial videos. The URL of the website will be sent to those who have completed registration by a week before the conference.
  • Videos of oral presentations and workshops will be included on the webpage.
  • The material and video page will be available by July 12th. You can watch it if you cannot come to the actual site, as long as you have registered.
  • Anyone can participate in the Symposium without registration for free.

LSJ President’s inaugural lecture

Towards a more inclusive linguistic science

Symposium “Crossroads between linguistics theories and field linguistics data”

Organizer: Seunghun LEE (ICU)

Hiroto UCHIHARA (TUFS) Do linguistic theories benefit field linguistics? Case studies from North American languages
Chiyuki ITO (U. of Tokyo) An acoustic analysis of the Hamkyeng dialect from the 1970’s
Natsuko NAKAGAWA (Kyushu U.) Investigations on Japonic Language Family based on fieldwork data and corpora
Makoto FURUMOTO (TUFS) A diachronic perspective on the description of Kimakunduchi’
Sho YAMAOKA (Osaka U. / JSPS) Crossroads between phonetic data obtained in fieldwork and phonological theory: the case of Vietnamese
Daisuke SHINAGAWA (ILCAA) Parameter-driven approach to cross-Bantu typology: towards generalisation based on data from the field

Information about the childcare facilities at the 168th Meeting of LSJ:
Applications should be sent to by May 29th. See the PDF below for details.