Gengo Kenkyu Anthology Vol. 2

The Linguistic Society of Japan is pleased to announce the publication of Gengo Kenkyu Anthology, an e-journal designed for the dissemination of selected articles published in Gengo Kenkyu (Journal of the Linguistic Society of Japan) in Japanese. The second volume of the Gengo Kenkyu Anthology includes five Inaugural Lectures by former presidents of the Linguistic Society of Japan.

June, 22th, 2022

Fostering Joint International Research Subcommittee

Language Functions, Structures, and Typology
Masayoshi Shibatani


Korean Vowels
Hiroyuki Umeda


On the‘Subject’
Katsumi Matsumoto


Deictic Systems of Space and Time
Tamotsu Koizumi


Cognition and Linguistic Expressions
Tetsuya Kunihiro


*) The publication of Gengo Kenkyu Anthology was supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 20HP3001.