The 165th Meeting of the Linguistic Society of Japan

Dates: Nov. 12th (Sat) and 13th (Sun), 2022
Venue: Online

President: Naoki FUKUI
Director: Fuyuki EBATA

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Symposium (YouTube Live Streaming):
Current status and issues of language transmission activities in Ryukyu

As is clear from the fact that UNESCO in 2009 designated the 6 languages of the Ryukyu Islands as “endangered languages”, there is a risk that the Ryukyuan languages will become extinct if the current state continues. In recent years, inhabitants of the area (shima) and researchers are aware of the problem have taken steps to revitalize the Ryukyuan languages.
How should the linguistic knowledge provided in language research be fed back to the inhabitants of the area, and how should it be made useful for the succession of the languages? At this symposium, researchers who collaborate with the local people for the language revitalization will get together and exchange information by showing the results and issues of each activity, and try to find a clue to solve the problems which each researcher currently has or may have in the future. They will provide an opportunity to have language researchers reconsider the need of the succession activity and also would like to receive advice from researchers who are concerned with the activities of endangered languages from outside of the Ryukyus.

Organizer: Satoshi NISHIOKA (Okinawa International University)
Chair: Kayoko SHIMOJI (Okinawa International University)

Panelists and the topics:
Hiromi SHIGENO (Hiroshima University of Economics) and Rihito SHIRATA (Hiroshima University) “Collection and publication of linguistic data of the Amami-Oshima dialect with the cooperation of local communities”
Yuka HAYASHI (Kobe University) “How can a researcher help with the intergenerational transmission of a heritage language?: A case report on documentation activities of Miyako Ryukyuan dialects in collaboration with high school students”
Masahiro YAMADA (NINJAL) “Language revitalization projects in Yonaguni and Okinoerabu islands”
Satoshi NISHIOKA (Okinawa International University) “ ‘Shimakutuba (Ryukyuan languages) Teacher Training Course’ and ‘Shimakutuba Aptitude Test’ ”

*Oral presentations, workshops, amd the symposium will be on Zoom meeting. Poster presentations, the reception, and the book exhibitions will be held on oVice.

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