LSJ The 135th Meeting : Lectures and Events

LSJ The 135th Meeting : Lectures and Events

Poster[PDF file: 242KB]

  • Date: November 24th (Sat) and 25th (Sun) 2007
  • Place: Shinshu University
  • President: UWANO Zendo
  • Director (LSJ): INOUE Masaru
  • Director (Local): SAWAKI Motoei

Program (PDF)

Day One (Saturday, November 24th)

  1. Oral presentations
  2. Workshops
  3. Reception

Day Two (Sunday, November 25th)

  1. Welcome from the President of LSJ
    • UWANO Zendo (President, Linguistic Society of Japan)
    • KOMIYAMA Atsushi (President, Shinshu University)
  2. Public Lectures
    • “Current issues in laboratory phonology”  KONDO Mariko
    • “Current issues in the study of the grammar of Japanese dialects”  SHIBUYA Katsumi
  3. Poster presentations
  4. Special Poster Presentations on Endangered Languages “Eyes from Frontiers” [Abstract in Japanese]
  5. Symposium: Negation and Linguistic Theory [Abstract in Japanese]