Information about the 158th Meeting of the Linguistic Society of Japan

Information about the 158th Meeting of the Linguistic Society of Japan

Dates: June 22th (Sat) and 23th (Sun), 2019

Venue: Hitotsubashi University (Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo)

President: Yukinori TAKUBO
Director (LSJ): Yasuhiro YAMAKOSHI
Director (Local): Isao IORI

Program (PDF 271KB) / The 158th LSJ Meeting Handbook

Symposium: New approaches to the study on the aspectual verbal auxiliary “teiru” in Japanese: A contribution of Japanese linguistics to the general linguistics

Studies of aspect in Japanese linguistics have mostly been focused on “teiru” form. Attention on this topic so far has mainly been paid to studies characterizing “teiru” from the viewpoint of the opposition between “suru” (perfective) and “teiru” (imperfective), whose achievement is Kudo (1995). However, her conclusions have not fully investigated yet and there remain many points to be discussed in the study of aspect. In this symposium, we propose some new approaches to “teiru” and discuss their contribution to the general linguistics.

Organizer: Isao IORI (Hitotsubashi University)

Isao IORI (Hitotsubashi University) On the symposium
Takuro MORIYAMA (Waseda University) Aspectual meaning of events and “teiru”
Toshiyuki SADANOBU (Kyoto University) “Teiru” from the viewpoint of evidentiality
Isao IORI (Hitotsubashi University) “Teiru” from the viewpoint of the pedagogical grammar of Japanese
Discussant: Enoku IWAMOTO (Kanda University of International Studies)

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