The 147th Meeting of the LSJ

The 147th Meeting of the Linguistic Society of Japan


The program of the 147th Meeting is
Meeting Program (in English) (PDF)

Dates: November 23 (Sat) and 24 (Sun), 2013
Venue: Kobe City University of Foreign Studies
Co-host: Kobe City University of Foreign Studies
President: Shigeki KAJI
Director (LSJ): Setsu FUJISHIRO
Director (Local): Tsuguhito TAKEUCHI

Nursery room will be available.

Day One (Saturday, November 23, 2013)

13:00-18:00 Oral presentations
18:15-20:15 Reception party

Day Two (Sunday, November 24 2013)

10:00-12:00 Workshops
11:30-12:50 Poster Presentations
13:00-13:20 LSJ President’s address, etc.
13:20-16:30 Symposium


Future perspectives for research on the Japanese Language: Focusing on phonology, lexicon, and grammar

Organizer/Chair: Takashi MASUOKA (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies)

Turbid representations for opacity: Evidentializing two types of voicing from the surface

Shin-ichi TANAKA (The University of Tokyo)

An internal perspective on Japanese morphophonology: Diversity and integrity of initial voicing

Tomoaki TAKAYAMA (Kanazawa University)

Syntactic and semantic categories of N-V compounds in Japanese

Yoko YUMOTO (Osaka University)

On classifying Sino-Japanese: Reconsidering the classification of complex jion bases

Michiaki SAITO (Tohoku University)

What linguistic typology reveals about the prospects and challenges of Japanese grammar studies: A study of complex sentences and main clause phenomena

Kaoru HORIE (Nagoya University)

Potential contributions of research on Japanese grammar to grammatical research on the world’s languages: Reconsidering the dichotomies between DO languages versus BECOME languages, and high-context languages versus low-context languages

Hisashi NODA (National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics)

Finding your hotel

It is hard to make a reservation for a room at a hotel in Kobe during the meeting. Please reserve a hotel as soon as possible. Useful information is here (in Japanese).

About nursery room

Nursery room will be available. Click on this for further details (in Japanese).