On the LSJ Committee of Endangered Languages

Committee of Endangered Languages was established in 1994. It focused on the following activities:

  • Developing and funding researchers working on endangered languages
  • Setting up and running events related to endangered language issues
  • Providing information of endangered languages

The committee dissolved in March, 2010. A short history of the committee can be found at the webpage (in the LSJ Contents on Endangered languages).

LSJ will continue to lead activities of endangered languages and other educational campaigns. As mentioned above, you may get in touch with the Officer of Publicity Committee of LSJ (Endangered Language Section) for general enquiries about endangered languages.

On the New Website: The LSJ Contents on Endangered Languages

The website of the Committee of endangered languages has been closed with the dissolution of the commitee. A temporary website has been created, which is now maintained by Publicity Committee of LSJ, and which lists the past activities on endangered languages and provides information on endangered languages in general.The URL of the website is:URL: http://www.fl.reitaku-u.ac.jp/CEL/ The website is currently Japanese only.

LSJ will launch new projects that deal with updating various information of endangered languages, and with the provision of an English version of the website. The LSJ Contents on Endangered Languages will serve as the main source for the information on endangered languages until the project-based new website has been set up.

The website includes the following educational information on endangered languages (in Japanese).