LSJ Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Length

  1. Oral presentations are 30 minutes long (20 minutes for presentation, 10 minutes for discussion).
  2. Poster presentations are about one to two hours long.
  3. Workshops are two hours long. The format of the workshop will be determined by workshop organizers.


  1. Presentations must be conducted in Japanese or English. Presentation titles and manuscripts in the LSJ Meeting Handbook must be in Japanese for Japanese presentation, and in English for English presentation.
  2. Presentations in workshops may be conducted in languages other than Japanese or English. Workshop organizers are responsible for bringing an interpreter or interpreters to translate the presentation into Japanese or English. Presentation titles and manuscripts in the LSJ Meeting Handbook must be written in Japanese or English.

Presentation Devices

  1. Authors are responsible for preparing presentation tools to be used in their presentations unless otherwise announced by the meeting organizers.

Number of Papers to be Submitted by an Author

  1. Each author can only submit up to two papers: one as the first author in an oral or poster presentation, and another in a workshop.
  2. If an author does not fulfill the requirement in 7, the organizer will reject all the papers submitted by the author.

Submission Procedures

  1. Submissions for oral and poster presentations should be made by the first author. Submissions for workshops should be made by the organizer. Notification of acceptance will be sent to the first author for oral and poster presentations, and to the organizer for workshops.
  2. The deadline for submission for the Spring Meeting is March 20; for the Autumn Meeting, August 20.

Submission Guidelines for Presentation Abstract (for application)

  1. The abstract for oral and poster presentations for the application should contain the following information on one page of A4-size paper. The abstract should be anonymous. A standard 10 point or larger font should be used. Avoid using special characters and abbreviations.
  2. Language being studied (include language family and area)
  3. Field and methods (e.g. formal semantics, experimental phonetics, comparative linguistics)
  4. Other (describing specific presentation content)
  5. The abstract of workshop should contain the following information within two pages of A4-size paper. Do not write the organizer’s name, chair’s name, or authors’ names. Use a 10-point font or larger, and avoid special characters or abbreviations.
  1. Applications should be made from the LSJ website.
  2. For submissions, fill out the application form on the LSJ website. Abstracts for the application should be formatted as PDF. See Application in English on the LSJ website for more details.

Acceptance for the Program

  1. Upon acceptance for the program, first authors of oral and poster presentations and organizers of workshops will be notified of the following information: (1)Allotted time and sessions (2)Presentation title and the name(s) of author(s), as listed in the program (3)Presentation tools to be used (4)Deadline for submission of manuscript in the LSJ Meeting Handbook (5)Other instructions about presentation
  2. Once a paper is accepted, the language, presentation title, author(s), devices to be used, and the organization of workshops cannot be changed.
  3. First authors of oral and poster presentations and workshop organizers will be requested to submit manuscripts of the LSJ Meeting Handbook to the LSJ Office by a specified deadline.
  4. Materials such as handouts, additional materials, errata and copies of the conference handbook can not be distributed on conference day.
  5. Presentations or posters that do not conform to the abstracts submitted to the conference and to the papers in the conference handbook will not be accepted.

(Revised November 24, 2010)
(Revised June 19, 2010)
(Revised June 20, 2015)
(Revised December 3, 2016)
(Revised July 3, 2017)
(Revised November 17, 2018)
(Revised November 11, 2023)