The Linguistic Society of Japan regularly holds English tutorial workshops to promote English-based submissions to its journal “Gengo Genkyu (言語研究)”. In 2022, the topic is how to write a review of previous literature in English. Reviewing literature is one of the important parts when writing a journal paper. Not only should the author understand and introduce the contents of the literature, but also they are expected to explain why the review is necessary and how the literature relates to their own research. In the upcoming workshop, a selected number of participants will write a review in English and will receive comments from an English-speaking instructor. The commentary session will provide tips when writing in English using submitted sample materials by successful applicants.

Workshop date

10:00–13:00 (Sat) December 3rd, 2022

Note: the end time may vary depending on the number of accepted proposals.
Type: Online (Zoom)

No registration fee

Instructor:Dr. Christopher Davis (Assoc. Prof, University of the Rykyus)

Please visit the workshop website for the details.